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8E0400 CATERPILLAR D8N Bulldozer Carrier Roller

Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your bulldozer with our carrier rollers.The carrier rollers function are to convey the weight of bulldozer to the ground,and also to limit the track to prevent sideslip.The Carrier Roller force the track to slip on the ground when machine turns.Good working and wear-resistance are important.

Material: 40Mn2/50Mn

BERCO    CR5053
ITM    C01081N0M00
VPI    VCR5053V

    Carrier roller body material:  40Mn2/50Mn
    Surface hardness: HRC52-56
    Shaft material: 45#
    Surface hardness: HRC55-60
    Base collar material: QT450-10

    1. Our carrier rollers use special steel and produced by new process. Every procedure goes through strict inspection and the property of compressive resistance and tension resistance can be ensured .
    2. The raw material used is national standard 40Mn2 steel. The steel undergoes overall quenching and tempering, as well as intermediate frequency heat treatment.This process ensures that the surface hardness can reach HRC55-60.
    3. The high-standard production and processing load-bearing shaft has excellent mechanical properties against wear, high load, and high rigidity. This greatly prolongs the service life of the assembly.
    •  product-description19hh
    • ØH: 73.2

    Product Advantages

    1. Sturdy Build: Crafted from high-strength materials, our Bulldozer Carrier Rollers boast a robust construction that stands up to the demands of heavy loads, ensuring durability and an extended operational life.
    2. Advanced Sealing: Employing a sophisticated sealed design, our Bulldozer Carrier Rollers shield internal components from contaminants, including dust and moisture.
    3. User-Friendly Maintenance: Designed with the user in mind, these carrier rollers make maintenance tasks straightforward, contributing to a smoother overall operational experience for your bulldozer.


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