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9W9607 CATERPILLAR 161-5792 D7R Bulldozer Idler Roller

Idler Rollers are crucial component designed to enhance the stability and performance of your bulldozer. Meticulously engineered and constructed, the idler rollers ensure smooth and efficient operation in challenging working environments.

Material: ZG35SiMn/ZG40Mn2

BERCO    CR4593
BERCO    CR4593A
CATERPILLAR    161-5792
CATERPILLAR    192-0216
CATERPILLAR    192-0220
ITM    P01070F0M00
ITM    P01070F0S00

    Idler roller body material: ZG35SiMn/ZG40Mn2
    Surface hardness: HRC52-56
    Shaft material: 45#
    Surface hardness: HRC55-60
    Idler support material: QT450-10

    1. The idler roller body undergoes a unique heat treatment method to ensure surface hardness and hardness layer.
    2. The support is highly wear-resistant and durable.
    3. The idler features a precision machined surface and an around-type seal design for perfect sealing, ensuring lifetime lubrication.
    •  D7R idler3os   
    •     N: 381

          ØC: 58/110

    Product Advantages

    1. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the bulldozer idler rollers are built to withstand heavy loads, providing exceptional durability and a prolonged service life.
    2. Precision Design: The idler rollers feature a precision-engineered design that ensure proper alignment of the track link, reducing friction, and contributing to improved undercarriage longevity.
    3. Maintenance-friendly: Easy installation and maintenance, the idler rollers minimize downtime and simplify routine service tasks, optimizing your machine's operational efficiency.


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