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Order Chime
Xiamen Order Chime Technology CO., LTD are the manufacturer specializing in the production of construction machinery forgings and castings all year round. Our main products include dry/oil track links, track rollers, carrier rollers, idlers, sprockets (segments), track shoes, bolts, track adjuster assembly and other undercarriage accessories for the excavators, bulldozers, rotary drilling rigs and crawler cranes.
Adhering to the innovative philosophy, our company continuously improves its technological capabilities, management principles, and market perspectives. We have now implemented the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and fully adopted ERP information management, achieving comprehensive monitoring and management of the entire process from raw material procurement to product sales.

Our advantage


Robust Manufacturing Expertise

Our possesses extensive expertise in robust manufacturing processes, ensuring the production of durable and reliable excavator and bulldozer undercarriage components. This proficiency results in components that withstand rigorous operational demands, offering long service life and minimal downtime.


Advanced Technological Integration

We excel in integrating cutting-edge technologies into its production processes. This includes utilizing advanced materials, precision engineering, and innovative design methodologies. Such technological prowess enhances the performance and efficiency of the excavator and bulldozer undercarriage components, surpassing industry standards.


Quality Control and Assurance

We place a paramount emphasis on stringent quality control measures throughout the production cycle. From raw material inspection to the final product testing, a comprehensive quality assurance system ensures that each undercarriage component meets or exceeds specified performance criteria.


Customization Capabilities

We offer tailored solutions and customization options. This includes accommodating diverse specifications, sizes, and configurations to meet the unique requirements of various excavator and bulldozer models.


Efficient Supply Chain Management

We boast an efficient and streamlined supply chain management system. This ensures timely sourcing of raw materials, optimized production scheduling, and prompt delivery of finished components. A well-managed supply chain not only reduces lead times but also contributes to cost-effectiveness, enabling us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.