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Competitive Price Excavator EX200-5 Tension Cylinder

The Excavator Tension Cylinder is a crucial component designed for optimal tension control in excavator systems. It ensures the stability and efficiency of the track chain, providing reliable performance in demanding construction environments.

Surface Hardness:HRC52-58

Material :40cr


    Key Features

    1. Material: High-quality special steels
    2. Sealing System: Manufactured to high standards for consistent impermeability
    3. Performance: Maintains job stability under varying conditions
    4. Support: Offers stable and reliable support for the excavator's track chain
    5. Protection: Effectively safeguards the entire operation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is your business model?
    We operate as an integrated industry and trade business, with manufacturing in Quanzhou and sales in Xiamen.

    2. How can I ensure part compatibility with my excavator?
    Provide the accurate model number, machine serial number, or part identification numbers. Alternatively, submit dimensions or drawings for precise fitment.

    3. What are your payment terms?
    We accept T/T, and other terms are open to negotiation.

    4. What is the delivery time?
    For items not in stock, the delivery time is 20 days. If certain parts are available, we can deliver within 1-7 days.

    5. How do you ensure product quality?
    We have a comprehensive QC system, with our dedicated team inspecting product quality and specifications at every production stage. This oversight continues until packing is complete, ensuring product safety during transportation.


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