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High-performance EX200-5 Excavator Tooth Adapter

Secure your excavator bucket teeth reliably with our heavy-duty adapters. Expertly engineered with advanced locking mechanisms, these rugged adapters firmly hold teeth in place and prevent looseness or loss even in high impact conditions.

Materials: Material:30CrMnSiA, heat treated

Surface Protection: Black oxide anti-corrosion finish

Weight: 2.2 - 5.4 lbs based on bucket width

    Key Features

    1. Robust Design: Reinforced alloy steel body withstands bending loads.
    2. Optimized Hardness: Heat treated to 45-50 HRC for strength and wear resistance.
    3. Advanced Locking: Innovative clip fastener prevents tooth loss from impacts.

    Product Advantages

    1. Eliminate the risk of bucket tooth breakage, improves safety.
    2. Enables use of higher penetration tooth designs.
    3. Simplifies tooth replacement.
    4. Extends bucket longevity.

    Our advantages

    1. Profound Manufacturing Proficiency:
    We possess extensive expertise in robust manufacturing techniques, guaranteeing the production of durable and dependable undercarriage components for excavators and bulldozers. This competence yields components that endure rigorous operational demands, delivering extended service life and minimal downtime.

    2. Tailored Solutions:
    We provide customized solutions and flexibility. This includes accommodating diverse specifications, sizes, and configurations to cater to the distinct requirements of various excavator and bulldozer models.

    3. Streamlined Supply Chain Management:
    We pride ourselves on an efficient and streamlined supply chain management system. This ensures the timely procurement of raw materials, optimized production scheduling, and swift delivery of finished components. A well-coordinated supply chain not only reduces lead times but also contributes to cost-effectiveness, enabling us to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.

    4. Extensive Manufacturing Expertise:
    Our company possesses vast experience in robust manufacturing techniques, guaranteeing the production of durable excavator and bulldozer undercarriage components. This expertise ensures that our components endure rigorous operational demands, providing extended service life and minimal downtime.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What's your operational model?
    Our business integrates industry and trade, with manufacturing operations based in Quanzhou and sales conducted in Xiamen.

    2. How can I guarantee part compatibility for my excavator?
    Ensure precision by providing the correct model number, machine serial number, or part identification numbers. Alternatively, submit dimensions or drawings for accurate fitting.

    3. What payment terms do you offer?
    Our standard is T/T, but we are flexible and open to negotiating other terms.

    4. How long does delivery take?
    For items not currently in stock, the delivery timeline is 20 days. However, if specific parts are available, we can expedite delivery within 1-7 days.

    5. How is product quality ensured?
    Our stringent QC system, involving a dedicated team, scrutinizes product quality and specifications at each production stage. This vigilance continues until the packing process is complete, ensuring the safety of products during transportation.


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