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OEM Logo EX200-5 Track Pin High Quality

Manufactured from high carbon steel, Track Pins are hardened to a level of 55-60 HRC. These durable steel bushings are frequently employed to shield the housing from premature wear resulting from friction with the track pins, effectively minimizing machine downtime. We offer a wide range of track pins to all brands excavators and bulldozers.

Material: 40Cr

Color: Glossy Yellow or Black or Customized

Technique: Forging/ Casting

Surface Hardness: HRC55-60

    Key Features

    1. After thermal refining,then do surface treament,to assure the enough inside hardness and outside wearlessness.
    2. Pins surface hardness usually needs tobe higher than that of the bushing.
    3. Our track pins are designed for specific operating conditions and are surface treated insure its excellentperformance.

    Track Pin
    19.2*103 36.3*212 41.8*234 45.3 * 235
    23*118 36.5*213 41.8*245 46*246
    24.2*140 36.7*210 44.7*242 47.3*250
    25*137 36.7*215 44.55*230 47.7*252
    28.6*160 36.6*207 44.7*230 47*250
    30*155 38*212 44.6*233 47.5*250
    30.2*170 38*215 44.55*238 47.7/6*250/2
    33.4*191 38.1*218 44.6(44.7)*240 48.5*292
    33.4*184 38.3*215 44.55*252 48.8*292
    33.7*180 38.3*220 44.55*256 50.8*291
    33.5*182 38*224 44.3*260 51*279
    35.05*182 38*236 45*230 57.15*319
    35.05*138 40.1*222 45.3*230 58*280
    36.1*220 42*233 45*235  

    Our advantages

    1. Robust Manufacturing Expertise:
    Our possesses extensive expertise in robust manufacturing processes, ensuring the production of durable and reliable excavator and bulldozer undercarriage components. This proficiency results in components that withstand rigorous operational demands, offering long service life and minimal downtime.

    2. Advanced Technological Integration:
    We excel in integrating cutting-edge technologies into its production processes. This includes utilizing advanced materials, precision engineering, and innovative design methodologies. Such technological prowess enhances the performance and efficiency of the excavator and bulldozer undercarriage components, surpassing industry standards.

    3. Customization Capabilities:
    We offer tailored solutions and customization options. This includes accommodating diverse specifications, sizes, and configurations to meet the unique requirements of various excavator and bulldozer models. 

    4. Efficient Supply Chain Management:
    We boast an efficient and streamlined supply chain management system. This ensures timely sourcing of raw materials, optimized production scheduling, and prompt delivery of finished components. A well-managed supply chain not only reduces lead times but also contributes to cost-effectiveness, enabling us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: Are you engaged in trader or manufacturer?
    A: We operate an integrated manufacturing and trading company, with our factory located in Quanzhou and sales offices situated in Xiamen.

    Q2: How can I ensure the compatibility of the part with my excavator?
    A: Provide us with the correct model number, machine serial number, or any identification numbers on the parts themselves. Alternatively, you can measure the parts and provide us with dimensions or drawings.

    Q3: What are your payment terms?
    A: We usually accept T/T, and we are open to negotiating other terms based on mutual agreement.

    Q4: How do you ensure product quality?
    A: We have an impeccable QC system in place for flawless products. Our dedicated team meticulously examines product quality and specifications at each stage of production. This monitoring continues until packing is complete, ensuring the safety of the products during transportation into the container.


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