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Wholesale D275-5 Bulldozer VKM234/24 Track Shoe Assembly

Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your bulldozer with our track shoes. Bulldozer track shoes are an essential component of any Bulldozer machine. These track shoes play a crucial role in providing stability and mobility to the machine, allowing it to maneuver on different terrains.

Material: 25MnB

BERCO KM1038/610

ITM Z40351B0N0610

KOMATSU 17M-32-31110

VPI VKM234/24

Surface hardness: HRC42-49

Length: 550-915mm

    For bulldozers, we stock a full range of track shoes in all standards widths from 560mm to 915mm to meet every requirement:
    1. The track shoes is quenched and tempered to ensure excellent mechanical properties, high strength and superior wear resistance to bending and breakage.
    2. The surface hardness of the track shoes is HRC42-49 for reduced wear and longer life, further adding value to your business by maximising the durability of your products.
    3. The track shoes have precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix easy grousering heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising the proper functioning of heavy machine.
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    • A: 235

      B: 184.2

      C: 76.2

      D: 28

    Product Advantages

    1. Exceptional Endurance: Constructed from high-strength materials materials, and the harshest operational conditions. These track shoes exhibit exceptional resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a prolonged and reliable service life.
    2. Precision Engineered Design: Carefully shaped to maximize ground contact, these track shoes enhance traction and stability during operation, ensuring your bulldozer performs at its best in every terrain.
    3. User-Friendly Maintenance: Engineered with user-friendly maintenance in mind, these track shoes facilitate easy inspection, cleaning, and replacement when necessary, such as removable track pads or a bolt-on design.


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