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High Quality D155-1 Bulldozer Idler Roller 175-30-00450

Idler Rollers are crucial component designed to enhance the stability and performance of your bulldozer. Meticulously engineered and constructed, the idler rollers ensure smooth and efficient operation in challenging working environments.

Material: ZG35SiMn/ZG40Mn2


ITM P4015400M00

KOMATSU 175-30-00450


    Idler roller body material: ZG35SiMn/ZG40Mn2
    Surface hardness: HRC52-56
    Shaft material: 45#
    Surface hardness: HRC55-60
    Idler support material: QT450-10

    1. The idler roller body undergoes a unique heat treatment method to ensure surface hardness and hardness layer.
    2. The support is highly wear-resistant and durable.
    3. The idler features a precision machined surface and an around-type seal design for perfect sealing, ensuring lifetime lubrication.
    •  product-description1g5o
    • N: 400/290

      M: 110//90

      ØC: 75

      ØL: M20

    Fit for Brand Model
    KOMATSU D120A 18 D125A 18 D135A1 D135A2 D150A1
    D155A1 D155A 2 D155A3 D155AX3 D155AX5
    D155AX 6 D155C1 D155W 1 D20A 5 D20A 6
    D20A7 D20P 5 D20P 6 D20P7 D20PL6
    D2OPLL6 D20Q5 D20Q6 D20Q7 D21A 5
    D21A6 D21A7 D21E 6 D21P 5 D21P 6
    D21P 6A D21P 6B D21P7 D21PL6 D21Q 6
    D21Q6 D21Q7 D275A2 D275A-5 D30A 15
    D31A15 D31A 16 D31A 17 D31E 18 D31P 16
    D31P16A D31P17 D31P17A D31P18 D31P20
    D31P20A D31PL16 D31PL17 D31PL18 D31PL20
    D31PLL16 D31PLL17 D31PLL18 D31PLL20 D31PX21
    D31Q16 D31Q17 D31Q18 D32E1 D32P1
    D355A1 D355A3 D355A5 D355C3 D375A1
    D375A2 D375A3 D375A5 D375A6 D37E1
    D37E2 D37E5 D37EX21 D37EX22 D37P1
    D37P2 D37P5 D37PX21 D38E1 D38P1
    D39E1 D39EX21 D39P1 D39PX21 D40A1
    D40A3 D40F3 D40P1 D40P3 D40PL1
    D40PL3 D40PLL1 D40PLL3 D41A3 D41A3A
    D41E3 D41E6 D41P3 D41P6 D41Q3
    D41S3 D45A1 D45E1 D45P1 D475A1
    D475A2 D50A16 D50A17 D50F16 D50F17
    D50P16 D50P17 D50PL16 D50PL17 D51EX-22
    D51PX-22 D53A16 D53A17 D53P16 D53P17
    D58E1 D58E1A D58E1B D58P1 D58P1B
    D60A3 D60A6 D60A7 D60A8 D60E7
    D60E8 D60F7 D60F7A D60F8 D60F8A
    D60P3 D60P6 D60P7 D60P8 D60PL7
    D60PL8 D61EX12 D61EX15 D61PX12 D61PX15
    D63E1 D63E1A D65A6 D65A7 D65A8
    D65E12 D65E7 D65E8 D65EX12 D65EX15
    D65EX17 D65P12 D65P7 D65P8 D65PX12
    D65PX15 D65WX-15 D68E1 D68P1 D75A1
    D80A12 D80A18 D80E18 D80F18 D80P18
    D83E1 D83P1 D85A12 D85A18 D85A21
    D85A21B D85E18 D85E21 D85EX15 D85P18
    D85P21 D85PX15      

    Product Advantages

    1. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the bulldozer idler rollers are built to withstand heavy loads, providing exceptional durability and a prolonged service life.
    2. Precision Design: The idler rollers feature a precision-engineered design that ensure proper alignment of the track link, reducing friction, and contributing to improved undercarriage longevity.
    3. Maintenance-friendly: Easy installation and maintenance, the idler rollers minimize downtime and simplify routine service tasks, optimizing your machine's operational efficiency.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are you engaged in trade or production?
    We function as an integrated entity managing both trade and production operations. Our production facility is located in Quanzhou, whereas our sales department operates from Xiamen.

    2. How can I confirm the compatibility of the part with my bulldozer?
    Please provide us with the accurate model number, machine serial code, or any unique identifiers on the parts themselves. Alternatively, you may choose to measure the parts and provide us with their dimensions or diagrams.

    3. What are your payment terms?
    Typically, we favor T/T transactions, although alternative terms can be negotiated.

    4. What is the anticipated delivery time?
    If the items are not available at our factory, the delivery period is about 20 days. However, for parts in stock, we can expedite delivery within 1-7 days.

    5. How do you maintain Quality Control?
    We have implemented a comprehensive QC structure to ensure the quality of our offerings. Our dedicated team rigorously examines product quality and specifications at each stage of production, overseeing the entire process until packing is completed to ensure product safety during transit.


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