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High Quality D65 Sealed Track Link Assembly

Enhance the performance and durability of your bulldozer with our high-quality bulldozer track link. Crafted with precision and engineered for reliability, our track links ensure optimal functionality in diverse working conditions.


BERCO: KM2095/39

ITM: E40657E0M00039

KOMATSU: 14X-32-00100

VPI: VKM2095/39V

Material: 35MnB/40Mn2

Surface hardness: HRC55-58

Model: 90-317pitch

    1. The chain piece has been forged, tempered and medium frequency -- scientific quenching process ensures that the core hardness of the chain piece is above HRC32, the hardness of the running rail surface is above HRC55, and it has a good metal structure.
    2. Transfer to the machining workshop, where the chain piece raw material are first shot blasted, and then processed by special CNC processing equipment. Because the oil track link requires very high precision for the chain pieces, so as to ensure the sealing of the oil track link.
    3. After processing, it is directly assembled with track link bushings, pins and other accessories. The stroke of each link is fixed during press-fitting, ensuring that the position of each link is consistent and the hole distance is the same.
    4. Components are built with high grade steel and hardened for exceptional strength and wear life and work and wear as a system for maximum uptime and productivity.
    •  product-description1i7e
    • A: 178.4

      B: 138.4

      C: 72

      T: 203

      E: 20.5/19.5

    Fit for Brand Model
    KOMATSU D120A 18 D125A 18 D135A1 D135A2 D150A1
    D155A1 D155A 2 D155A3 D155AX3 D155AX5
    D155AX 6 D155C1 D155W 1 D20A 5 D20A 6
    D20A7 D20P 5 D20P 6 D20P7 D20PL6
    D2OPLL6 D20Q5 D20Q6 D20Q7 D21A 5
    D21A6 D21A7 D21E 6 D21P 5 D21P 6
    D21P 6A D21P 6B D21P7 D21PL6 D21Q 6
    D21Q6 D21Q7 D275A2 D275A-5 D30A 15
    D31A15 D31A 16 D31A 17 D31E 18 D31P 16
    D31P16A D31P17 D31P17A D31P18 D31P20
    D31P20A D31PL16 D31PL17 D31PL18 D31PL20
    D31PLL16 D31PLL17 D31PLL18 D31PLL20 D31PX21
    D31Q16 D31Q17 D31Q18 D32E1 D32P1
    D355A1 D355A3 D355A5 D355C3 D375A1
    D375A2 D375A3 D375A5 D375A6 D37E1
    D37E2 D37E5 D37EX21 D37EX22 D37P1
    D37P2 D37P5 D37PX21 D38E1 D38P1
    D39E1 D39EX21 D39P1 D39PX21 D40A1
    D40A3 D40F3 D40P1 D40P3 D40PL1
    D40PL3 D40PLL1 D40PLL3 D41A3 D41A3A
    D41E3 D41E6 D41P3 D41P6 D41Q3
    D41S3 D45A1 D45E1 D45P1 D475A1
    D475A2 D50A16 D50A17 D50F16 D50F17
    D50P16 D50P17 D50PL16 D50PL17 D51EX-22
    D51PX-22 D53A16 D53A17 D53P16 D53P17
    D58E1 D58E1A D58E1B D58P1 D58P1B
    D60A3 D60A6 D60A7 D60A8 D60E7
    D60E8 D60F7 D60F7A D60F8 D60F8A
    D60P3 D60P6 D60P7 D60P8 D60PL7
    D60PL8 D61EX12 D61EX15 D61PX12 D61PX15
    D63E1 D63E1A D65A6 D65A7 D65A8
    D65E12 D65E7 D65E8 D65EX12 D65EX15
    D65EX17 D65P12 D65P7 D65P8 D65PX12
    D65PX15 D65WX-15 D68E1 D68P1 D75A1
    D80A12 D80A18 D80E18 D80F18 D80P18
    D83E1 D83P1 D85A12 D85A18 D85A21
    D85A21B D85E18 D85E21 D85EX15 D85P18
    D85P21 D85PX15      

    Product Advantages

    1. Crack Resistance: Through carbonization and medium-frequency quenching treatment, the bush achieves a balanced hardness in its core and abrasion resistance on both internal and external surfaces.

    2. Abrasion Resistance: Tempering and medium-frequency quenching treatment of the pin ensure adequate core hardness and abrasion resistance on its external surfaces.

    3. Enhanced Hardness: The track link undergoes medium-frequency hardening treatment, ensuring exceptional strength and abrasion resistance.

    Why choose us

    Our operations benefit from a robust technical infrastructure, enabling us to consistently deliver top-notch products to our clientele. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools, our well-appointed infrastructure empowers us to fulfill the diverse needs of our customers. Throughout the manufacturing process, as well as during packaging, our products receive meticulous oversight from our team of experts.

    Our workforce comprises proficient professionals and skilled laborers who play instrumental roles in ensuring the delivery of high-quality products. Working in harmony, our team efficiently handles tasks, facilitating the timely fulfillment of large orders for our clients.

    Quality Commitment:
    We maintain a dedicated team of experts overseeing product quality at every stage, from raw material procurement to final production. This meticulous approach ensures that we consistently offer a quality-assured product range backed by a 100% guarantee.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are you in the business of trade or manufacturing?
    We function as an integrated entity overseeing both trade and manufacturing aspects. Our manufacturing base is located in Quanzhou, while our sales operations are centered in Xiamen.

    2. How can I verify the compatibility of the part with my excavator?
    Kindly provide us with the accurate model number, machine serial code, or any distinct identifiers on the parts themselves. Alternatively, you may choose to measure the parts and provide us with their dimensions or blueprints.

    3. What are your accepted payment terms?
    Typically, we favor T/T transactions, although other terms can be discussed.

    4. What is the anticipated delivery time?
    If the items are not available at our factory, the standard delivery time is 20 days. However, for parts in stock, we can expedite delivery within 1-7 days.

    5. How do you ensure Quality Control?
    We have implemented a comprehensive QC framework to uphold the quality of our products. Our dedicated team meticulously examines product quality and specifications at every stage of production, overseeing the entire process until packing is finalized to ensure product safety during transit.


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