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Best-Quality D65 Bulldozer Single Flange Bottom Roller

Elevate the performance and reliability of your bulldozer with our track rollers. These robust components are meticulously engineered to endure the rigors of heavy-duty earthmoving, providing exceptional traction and stability on diverse terrains.



ITM: A40650E0M00

ITM: A40650E0Y00

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00030

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00031

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00033

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00035

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00080

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00081

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00082

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00083

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00083E

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00084

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00085

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00086

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00087

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00126

KOMATSU: 14X-30-00127

KOMATSU: 14X-30-01020

KOMATSU: 14X-30-14100



    Track roller body material: 40Mn2/50Mn
    Surface hardness: HRC52-56
    Shaft material: 45#
    Surface hardness: HRC55-60
    Side cap material: QT450-10

    1. Our track rollers have a high hardness level of HRC52-56. They are manufactured using a through hardening system and spraying quenching system, in compliance with the stringent ISO System.
    2. We use advanced machining centres, both horizontal and vertical, to execute processes such as machining, drilling, threading and milling. This ensures the quality and precision of each component, maximising their lifespan and minimising production costs per hour.
    3. Additionally, they feature good bronze bushings and a deep hardened wear surface. This ensures excellent wear resistance even in the most severe working conditions.
    4. The bulldozer track rollers are available in single flange and double flange options and are designed with dual shafts to reduce internal heat generation.
    •  product-description1hz8
    • E: 320

      M: 112

      ØL: 19

    Product Advantages

    1. Superior Construction Quality: Meticulously crafted with high-grade materials to guarantee strength and durability over the long term.
    2. Enhanced Design: Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and resilience even under the most demanding load situations.
    3. Sealed Bearing Integration: Incorporating sealed bearings to safeguard against contamination, promoting seamless operation, and prolonging operational lifespan.
    4. Effortless Installation: Thoughtfully designed for swift and hassle-free installation, minimizing downtime during maintenance procedures.

    About us

    Our factory specializes in manufacturing excavator parts and bulldozer spare parts, including track rollers, bottom rollers, top rollers, idlers, sprockets, track links, and other engineering machinery components. 
    We prioritize quality and consistency by utilizing superior materials and employing a meticulous heat treatment process. This ensures hardness in high-wear areas and a resilient core capable of withstanding shock and impact loads. Rigorous quality management practices are enforced to deliver effective and reliable products that meet customer demands.
    Our bottom rollers are compatible with various brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Daewoo, Hyundai, Volvo, and Jcb. Additionally, we provide OEM services based on your specifications..

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are you involved in trading or manufacturing?
    We operate as a unified entity managing both trade and manufacturing aspects. Our production center is situated in Quanzhou, while our sales branch operates out of Xiamen.

    2. How can I confirm the compatibility of the part with my bulldozer?
    Please provide us with the precise model number, machine serial code, or any unique identifiers on the parts themselves. Alternatively, you can measure the parts and provide us with their dimensions or diagrams.

    3. What are your payment terms?
    Typically, we favor T/T transactions, although alternative terms are open for negotiation.

    4. What is the estimated delivery time?
    If the items are not available at our factory, the standard delivery period is 20 days. However, for parts in stock, we can expedite delivery within 1-7 days.

    5. How do you maintain Quality Control?
    We have established a comprehensive QC structure to ensure the quality of our offerings. Our dedicated team meticulously examines product quality and specifications at each stage of production, overseeing the entire process until packing is completed to ensure product safety during transit.


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